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July 19, 2018 1 min read

Vertical gardens are the trend that responds to the big cities need of fighting against climate change. They are protagonists in modern homes, as well as in offices, shops, hotels, restaurants, buildings, etc.


Nature favors your physical well-being, the green color brings you calm and harmony, natural spaces can be in exteriors and interiors, also, now the gardens stop being just horizontal and start being vertical.

In an increasingly polluted environment you can now have contact with nature in your home and increase the quality of the air you breathe. Have a green nature wall or a vertical garden has benefits since it purifies and fills our air with oxygen and it’s a beautiful and practical way to decorate our spaces.

To choose the plants you must take into account the space in which it will be found. Sun or shade? Temperature and humidity? You can inform yourself about it in the nursery garden when you buy the plants. Initially the vertical gardens were designed with ornamental leaf plants, but now you can have a tropical forest combining different species including flowers to add color to your design.

The maintenance of your garden depends of the type you choose and its size. Go ahead to decorate with beautiful plants and don’t hesitate to inspire and take some ideas from our summer catalog you will not regret.


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